Credit repurchase without broker

Obtaining your credit repurchase without a broker is quite possible, you just have to go directly to a bank or a credit institution.

The objective of a loan repurchase may be different depending on the borrower’s situation, some will seek to save on interest repayments by negotiating a better rate while others will seek to reduce their monthly payments by redeeming consumer loan and home loan at the same time. In both cases, it is important to find the best offer and this is what a broker usually offers, that is to say, canvassing banks and credit institutions for the borrower to make him win time and get an interesting offer.


The loan repurchase without having to resort to the broker

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Simply, not all brokers are equal, some are more experienced than others, and above all they will be paid on the amount of financing, a mandate which can quickly climb depending on the amount of the loan. In order to avoid these additional costs in the financing of the repurchase of credit, certain borrowers will deposit a request for the repurchase of the loan without a broker. Note that it is also possible to obtain a mortgage without a broker.


How to obtain a credit repurchase without a broker?

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Without a broker, you have to get started in the process and for this reason, there is a service that saves time and especially to prepare your case by targeting the relevant organizations. This service is the online credit buy comparator, it allows you to file a single request and to be contacted by banks and credit institutions that can respond favorably to the file. The interest is first of all to compare the offers received in terms of proposed rate, total cost of the repurchase of credit and insurance borrower, it is what generally proposes a broker.

After selecting one or more interesting offers, all that remains is to complete the file with the bank (s) to validate the financing. At this stage, it is possible to play on several tables, that is to say, to build up a file with two credit institutions in order to obtain two proposals to buy back credit. After obtaining contracts, it is finally time to choose between one or the other financing offer. Note that one can also perform this type of approach with three banks, but it becomes more complicated to manage for the borrower.


Simulate your credit repurchase without a broker

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Whether for a home loan repurchase or a credit consolidation, credit repurchase brokers are not essential, it is, therefore, possible to carry out your own procedures and start negotiations with banks and establishments of credits. It is especially necessary to remain vigilant on the total cost of the repurchase of loan, it is this element which determines (more than the rate) the value of a financing offer. To start the comparison and find the best offer of the moment, just complete the loan buyback simulator.